I am interested in questions of technology, history and culture with a focus on South and West Asia. My scholarship advances the field of communication by moving beyond US and Western European dominated topics and approaches. Toward that end, my research builds on insights from “area studies” to examine mediated communication processes in Asia. I also engage in conversations surrounding the impact of interdisciplinary knowledge and public engagement on communication scholarship.


Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Paul, S. (2018). East India Comedy: Channeling the Public Sphere in Online Satire In From Networks to Netflix: A Guide to Changing Channels. Derek Johnson (Ed.) New York: Routledge. pp. 265-273.

Encyclopedia Entries

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Special Issue/Section Editor

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Other Publications

Dowling, D. & Paul, S. (2019). Digital Literary Journalism in Opposition: Meena Kandasamy and the Dalit Online Movement in India. Literary Journalism Studies, 11(1), 86-99.


Paul, Subin. “Newspaper as Everyday Technology: Notes from Rural South India.” Technology, Empire and Decolonization in South Asia Workshop, Princeton University, April 2021.